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Home Sweet Home



Moon among the clouds
Moving fast in fright – like a
Fish flees the whale
Moving fast in fright.

Bewildered run for not knowing why.
Beheld it back by cloud clear sky.

“Have you been lost?”

There heard the voice.
That made, moon to stop.
It bent down to see
the jungle of sea.

Found there a boat.
Few hundreds on board.
Lost in the way.
A refugee boat.

Men and the women.
With children around.
Like pregnant big giant.
Trapped in the tyrant.

Plenty of dreams.
Plenty of breeds.
Plenty of lost.
Freedom fight quest.

Poverty chased by poverty stricken.
Impotent chased by omni-potent.
Indigene chased by inhabitant men.

All in the horizon.
To drown into sea.

“Have you been lost?”

Whispers the kid.

“Will you come with us?”

Moon hesitated.

"Abdulla, Mathumathy
Aylan and Nguyen
The whole world is here.
We play all together.
My Home like no other.
Home sweet my home.”

"Where is your home?"

Asked the moon.

"Here goes the boat."
"Was it this yesterday?"
"No that’s on the bay"
"Where were you before?"
"Detained in a Camp"
"Before that stay?"
"A Refugee Camp"
"Where were you born?"
"Yet another camp"

You are homeless.
No where-about.
You are stateless.
No where you belong.
How could I come to your
Home sweet less home?

The kid is bemused.

“Moonlit my front yard
All time along.
Sometime its shelter, doesn’t matter.
Even bombarded, doesn’t matter.
Be it a bunker. Be it a jungle.
Tucked under tarpaulin. doesn’t matter.

Moonlit my front yard
All time along.
Always my sweet home.
Home sweet my home. “

Moon was thinking.
”How many times should I go round
Before I find I am all alone?
I don’t have a
home in the dome.
I gonna live
this home moonlit home.”

Enlightened by the enchanted kid.
Enters the moon inside the ship.

Falling rain drops.
Frozen midway.
Shaken the moon by
Chilled wind blown away.

Moon was shivering in
freezing cold.
The kid came to its rescue.
He wraps around the moon.
Hugs it so tight.
Content it with a
loving delight.
Blushing the full moon
bends crescent.

The journey goes on.
For ever goes on.
An hour is moving
like a life along

With nowhere to go.
They all were waiting
in anticipation.
Looking for a savior
in desperation.

An Almighty Deity.
An avatar of lord.
A messenger, a prophet
you call them the God.
The third load of bread.
A way out of dread.
The miracle to save
From getting all dead.

They all were waiting
in anticipation.
Looking for a savior
in desperation.

At far distant sea.
A fleet they can see.
Here comes the rescue.
Rushing their way.

“Turn back” They said.
“Turn back and go”
In the middle of the ocean.
Where else can they go?

Moon in disbelief asked the kid.

“Will there be ever a dawn in this life?”

“The Life of the moon will always be dark.
That is your destiny. Take it like just.
As long as you and
me sit be-sides.
Moonlit my front yard
Home sweet my home.“

2Cuddled as pleased
Kid and the moon
Falling in asleep.
In waiting for dawn.

Into the far eastern mainland.
The sun rises again.
The kid was drowned
and washed aside the ashore.

There heard the voice.

“Moonlit my front yard
Home sweet my home”


This was recited during the South Asican Public Affairs Councils (SAPAC) bilingual poetry reading session.

The tamil version of the poetry can be read here.

நிலவு காயும் முற்றமே என் வீடு

படங்கள் (Illustrations For Fair Use for non commerical Purpose)
Murat Sayin
Steve Dennis